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How to Add Accounts Receivable Tracking in QuickBooks! Dila 1-855-861-4161 Quickbooks technical support

How to Add Accounts Receivable Tracking in QuickBooks


Quickbooks Online Support: We are to discuss some technical issues with its solution which common users face in daily routine. The current topic of technical issues will be ‘How the users can track Receivable Accounts in QuickBooks’ with a complete solution including steps. What users have to do is to follow these steps in a proper manner and carefully so that the user’s issue can be resolved instantly. If in any case, the users face any error while following the instructions with steps then they have one more option to rectify the error they face through Quickbooks online support number @+1-855-861-4161 and they will be assisted by the technicians of level six.

Process for the solution:

Before starting the process the users are required to add Customer Information

  1. In the first step the users have to first Launch QuickBooks and after that they have to click on the “Customer Center” button.
  2. Now the users have to select the “New Customer & Job” from the top of the Customer Center menu and choose “New Customer.”
  3. it’s time to enter the customer’s name in the “Customer Name” field.
  4. After that the users are required to enter the customer’s outstanding balance, if any, in the “Opening Balance” and “As Of” fields.
  5. Now the users have to add any additional information as required, including address, contact information and sales tax information, in the suitable fields and then click on the “Next” to save and enter customer information, or click on “OK” button to save and exit.


Adding an Accounts Receivable Account

  1. The users have to launch QuickBooks and then click on the “Lists” menu option and select “Chart of Accounts.”
  2. After that they have to click “Account” which is at the bottom of the list and choose “New.”
  3. We are towards final step in that the users are required to select the “Accounts Receivable A/R” option and click “Continue.”
  4. After the previous step the users have to enter the name of the account in the “Account Name” field. Now the users have to enter the account number, if available, in the “Number” field.
  5. That’s the final step where users are needed to click on “Next” to save the account and create a new one, or click “OK” to save and exit.


According to the above-provided solution, we had seen that the users can resolve the issues by just following the instruction step by step. The users have to follow them very carefully. If in any case they face some error while following the instruction they can reach out us though QuickBooks technical support number +1-855-861-4161

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